Mind Detox

“My experience with Alison’s coaching has truly been amazing. When I first came to see her, I was in a dark place where I struggled with crippling social anxiety and panic attacks … I signed up for six sessions and throughout the sessions I was able to understand myself a lot better. I quickly noticed a reduction of anxiety (and panic attacks completely disappeared!), removed negative associations from certain memories that held me back and learned skills that were helpful during stressful situations.” Anon

What is Mind Detox?

Mind Detox™ is a truly amazing, transformational technique that helps you to ‘change your mind’ and ‘change your relationship with your mind’ in order to feel peaceful and content now. Mind Detox™ helps you find and resolve the root cause reasons behind physical conditions, fears and phobias, beliefs, emotions and behaviours so you are free to move on and live a happier, healthier life.

Tune into your mind for a moment by noticing your thoughts. The ones you can ‘hear’ exist in what’s called your conscious mind. However, there is also a level of your mind that operates below the surface of consciousness. Your unconscious mind performs many remarkable tasks without you having to be aware of any of it happening, including storing your memories, healing your body, creating your emotions and driving your habits and behaviours.

More often than not, the sources and causes of your physical conditions and life problems exist within the realms of your unconscious mind. This can make them very difficult to find and fix—unless you know how. The Mind Detox™ method, created by author and therapist, Sandy Newbigging, uses simple but effective questioning and NLP techniques to help you find the hidden ‘unconscious’ causes of your problems and then resolve them. By resolving the reasons why your problems have existed up until now, your problems have no alternative but to disappear for good. Imagine that!

The mind-body-world connection…

A commonly held misconception in the western world is that the mind and body are separate entities—that there are physical problems and there are emotional problems. However, the mind and body are very much one entity. Emotional problems can show up as physical problems. When you change your mind, your body responds accordingly because the mind and body are both connected and in constant communication with each other.

When you speak to yourself, the 50–70 trillion cells that make up your body hear AND respond. Your body has an influence on your mind and, equally, your mind affects your body. It does so seamlessly and subtly every moment of every day. Not only that, but researchers have also been able to prove that your thoughts and feelings affect your ‘external’ world too! Your mind is very much like a magnet, constantly pulling into your life all the people, places, events and things that reflect your emotionally-fuelled beliefs, intentions and expectations.

Most people, most of the time, unintentionally block their health and happiness with ‘out-of-date mind programming’. By detoxing those mind blocks you can more easily experience the levels of peace, happiness, health, wealth and vitality that are not only your most natural way of being, but your birth right as a human being.