Life Coaching

“I wasn’t sure how Life Coaching could help me but even one session made a huge difference. Alison helped me to see things more clearly and make a start at addressing the issues…” Neil

How Life Coaching Helps

Life coaching can help you address issues and achieve results in any area of your life so, whether you would like to change your career, find more purpose, improve your work/life balance, health, or relationships, or you just want to feel happier, more confident and less stressed, I can help.

My particular specialism is helping people find more happiness and purpose by aligning their unique talents, interests and values to their personal and professional life.

As an experienced and skilled life coach, I offer professional, confidential, one-to-one sessions to help you:

Create the life and career you really want and find renewed purpose

Reconnect with the real ‘you’—your values, interests, unique talents and strengths

Manage stress and anxiety

Find a work/life balance

Let go of the past and the fears, beliefs or behaviours that hold you back

Feel happier and more fulfilled

“I feel HAPPY again!! I can’t recommend Alison highly enough!” Jan

Life and work can be challenging and we all get ‘stuck’ occasionally, finding ourselves going round and round in circles, unsure how to move forward.

I can help you get ‘unstuck’, providing an objective, supportive space, with a skilled facilitator who can help you find solutions and move forward with courage and confidence.

To ensure you get the best results, I use coaching skills, exercises and resources developed over years of study and practice that help you to:

Clarify what you want and set goals

See things clearly from different perspectives

Find solutions and take action

Overcome obstacles, fears and limiting beliefs

Stay motivated and on track

Feel happier and more confident

Achieve results

I have also added a few extra strings to my bow to help you release any sticky negative self-beliefs and emotional baggage that might be stopping you connecting to your inner power and joy. These include:

Mind Detox

Mind DetoxTMis a truly amazing, transformational technique that helps you to ‘change your mind’ and ‘change your relationship with your mind’ in order to feel peaceful and content now.


Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is a gentle but effective technique that helps to manage and let go of difficult emotions like fear and anxiety by releasing energy blockages and returning the body, mind and emotions to a state of balance and harmony.

Working with Me

I have a warm, approachable but professional style and you can expect sessions to feel enjoyable and supportive. But I will also challenge your thinking, encourage you to move out of your comfort zone and keep you on track to achieve your goals.

After a free, confidential, initial consultation to discuss your situation, areas of concern and desired outcomes and timescales, I can advise how we might best approach things and the number of sessions likely needed to achieve the results you want.

Sometimes, a couple of sessions is all that’s required, but usually a block of six sessions over a two or three month period works well for most issues. Top up sessions are available if needed.

Of course, this does depend on the scale and number of changes you wish to make and coaching is not an exact science, but this gives you an idea of what to expect.

Click Fees for more information or Contact me to arrange a free, no obligation, initial consultation.

Please note that, as coaching is focused on making positive change, it’s important that you are mentally and physically well enough to move forward. If you are suffering with severe mental health issues, have suffered a recent bereavement or break-up and are feeling very fragile or emotional then a counsellor or therapist may be better placed to support you at this time.

“Alison is a miracle worker. I sought her help with career coaching and in just a few sessions, she helped me to get to some root causes of my mental health concerns and move forward with a more positive outlook.” Fiona